Week 21: Queen – Tie Your Mother Down

I’ve listened to countless hours of Queen, and picking a track to include as the track of the week wasn’t as easy as one might think. When it came down to it, I picked this particular track because I think it’s a great representation of their style and song writing.

I still consider the riff that comes in after the minute long intro to be one of the best ever recorded.

Week 20: The Chemical Brothers – In Dust We Trust

I almost managed to miss posting this week’s track, due to the fact that I thought i had already posted it. Well, crisis averted! The track this week is from a duo that I sometimes catch myself thinking “I wonder what it is I like about these guys” about, and the I put on one of their tracks and it all comes back to me. The track I chose is not one of their bigger hits, but to me it’s one of their better.

Week 19: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

As most people who are into music probably know, there’s a new Michael Jackson album being released. I thought I’d celebrate the musical genius that is Mr. Jackson by having what I think is easily his best work as the track of the week. Smooth Criminal is easily¬†one of the best pop songs ever recorded, and the energy of it always gets me in a good mood.