Week 39: Lady Gaga – Telephone (Alphabeat Extended Remix)

Pop can be great, and remixes of pop tracks can be even greater! Since I have already made it very clear that covers are something I enjoy a lot, the fact that I like remixed tracks shouldn’t come as a shock. Lady Gaga is a true pop star, and someone I find myself listening to more that I should admit. This remix of her single Telephone is a really great club remix of a fun track that always gets me in a good mood.

Week 38: Green Day – Hitchin’ A Ride

I think most people who were teenagers in the mid to late 90s have some sort of relationship with Green Day’s music. As someone who have always enjoyed music, I certainly have listened to my fair share of them over the years. Their 1997 album Nimrod remains one of my favorite albums of theirs, and there’s something special with this particular track. The trashy guitars and vocals together with a few fun oddities makes it stand out.

Week 37: Noctural Rites – Not Like You

The track this week is a power metal track full of energy that starts off with a bang. It also has what I consider to be one of the most fun guitar solos of all time, starting around 3 minutes into the song. Those facts alone would be enough to make this a great track, but when you add a talented vocalist on top of that you have a true winner.

Week 36: ZZ Top – Precious And Grace

The masters of hard rock blues released this classic back in 1973. Maybe not the most well known track by ZZ Top or even from their excellent Tres Hombres album, but one of my favorites. The guitars are very dark and the main riff is super catchy. About a minute and fifteen seconds in the track really opens up which fits the lyrics of the track perfectly. An example of really imaginative song writing.