Week 5: Chicane feat. Paul Aiden – Oxygen

It’s not on purpose I’m choosing tracks that are similar a few weeks in a row, but this track has more than a few things in common with last week’s track. First of all, I had never heard of this artist before this week, and secondly he’s in roughly the same genre as last week’s entry. Not that it matters, it’s just funny. This is a great and energetic track that makes me happy I haven’t heard of every single artist and band that make music I truly enjoy listening to.

Week 4: Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action

It’s amazing when you discover a band that you never knew existed, even tho they make music that’s exactly what you’re looking for. My newest discovery is Above & Beyond and their great album We Are All We Need. The album is a nice mix of slower and faster tracks, and I’ve chosen one of the more dance friendly ones. The vocals are provided by a very talented singer by the name of Alex Vargas, whose soulful vocals provide a nice quality that elevates this track further.