Week 37: Noctural Rites – Not Like You

The track this week is a power metal track full of energy that starts off with a bang. It also has what I consider to be one of the most fun guitar solos of all time, starting around 3 minutes into the song. Those facts alone would be enough to make this a great track, but when you add a talented vocalist on top of that you have a true winner.

Week 33: Hans Zimmer – Up Is Down

Hans Zimmer is one of the best contemporary composers, and his work in movies is impressive. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to include his work from the Pirates of the Caribbean as track of the week, and picking which one was fairly easy for once. It’s a very energetic track with amazing orchestration and great use of both brass and woodwind instruments.

Week 24: Foo Fighters – Let It Die

This is one of those tracks I listen to when I need to get some aggression out of my system. It starts calm with some nice acoustic guitar and ends in total chaos with very heavy electric guitars and screaming vocals. The transition is handled extremely well, and if I’m in a bad mood it usually helps to listen to this track a few times to make me feel better.

Week 23: Dream Theater – Prophets Of War

I suppose it doesn’t come as a shock that I enjoy the occasional bombastic track or two. If you know that about me, I guess it also doesn’t come as a shock that I very much enjoy some progressive metal every now and then. This track is one of my absolute favorites from one of my favorite progressive metal bands. Something to note is that I’m a sucker for both double bass drums as well as big choruses chanting things, and this track clearly checks both those boxes.