Week 10: Seven Lions feat. HALIENE – The End

The track this week is a fantastic collaboration between producer Seven Lions and HALIENE who provides some amazing vocals to a very good electro house backdrop. The track is taken from the EP The Throes Of Winter which has some other really great tracks on it, where The End is one of the the more mellow ones. Apart from the vocals, my favorite aspects of this track is the energy and the drive, something I always look for in this type of music.

Week 9: The Prodigy – Wild Frontier

A day late, I know! Last week was crazy, and in the end I just had no time to get this post written. It was an interesting week, either way, and the track this week has the dubious honor of being selected not because it’s amazing but because it’s not as terrible as what this group has produced in the last 15 years. The Prodigy is one of the best electronic acts of all time, but the last few albums have been big disappointments. This track, however, I did find very enjoyable, and the heavy breakbeat is a big part of that.

Week 6: Swing Republic – Truckin’

I must confess that I had a hard time finding something that really grabbed me this week. However, when I finally stumbled upon something it turned out to be pretty great! Before finding Swing Republic I hadn’t even heard of the genre electro swing before, but I guess most people haven’t. This duo from Denmark really put a smile on my lips with their fun and modern interpretations of some good swing music.

For some reason this track was only available on Rdio, so no Spotify this week.

Week 5: Chicane feat. Paul Aiden – Oxygen

It’s not on purpose I’m choosing tracks that are similar a few weeks in a row, but this track has more than a few things in common with last week’s track. First of all, I had never heard of this artist before this week, and secondly he’s in roughly the same genre as last week’s entry. Not that it matters, it’s just funny. This is a great and energetic track that makes me happy I haven’t heard of every single artist and band that make music I truly enjoy listening to.

Week 4: Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action

It’s amazing when you discover a band that you never knew existed, even tho they make music that’s exactly what you’re looking for. My newest discovery is Above & Beyond and their great album We Are All We Need. The album is a nice mix of slower and faster tracks, and I’ve chosen one of the more dance friendly ones. The vocals are provided by a very talented singer by the name of Alex Vargas, whose soulful vocals provide a nice quality that elevates this track further.

Week 25: Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator

Before booming bass drums, fast break beast or sick drops there was Kraftwerk. Few groups have had as big influence on a genre of music as they have, and they are still somewhat active. This track, apart from being released in one of the best years ever, has all the components that make Kraftwerk’s music fantastic.

Week 20: The Chemical Brothers – In Dust We Trust

I almost managed to miss posting this week’s track, due to the fact that I thought i had already posted it. Well, crisis averted! The track this week is from a duo that I sometimes catch myself thinking “I wonder what it is I like about these guys” about, and the I put on one of their tracks and it all comes back to me. The track I chose is not one of their bigger hits, but to me it’s one of their better.