Week 48: Judas Priest – Breaking The Law

Probably one of the best early examples of metal, this track is a songwriting masterpiece. With today’s standards. you’d probably call this hard rock instead of heavy metal, but back in the day this was pretty much as metal as it would get. With an amazing guitar riff and Rob Halford’s more than competent vocals, this track brings it all home with an amazing last quarter.

Week 47: Fluke – Atom Bomb

So, I guess there’s no use for me to deny I like mid-90s techno a lot? I had no plans on including this track, or Fluke at all to be honest, as a track of the week, but for some reason I happened to listen to it and that made me remember just how great it is. There’s still great electronic music being produced, but nothing quite like this.

Week 46: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

There are not a lot of bands that have been as successful and amassed such a loyal following as Pink Floyd. I thought it’d be a good week to have one of their best tracks as track of the week since what has been announced as their final album has just been released a few days ago. This track is an amazing piece of song writing and craftmanship, and in my opinion an important part of music history.