Week 48: Judas Priest – Breaking The Law

Probably one of the best early examples of metal, this track is a songwriting masterpiece. With today’s standards. you’d probably call this hard rock instead of heavy metal, but back in the day this was pretty much as metal as it would get. With an amazing guitar riff and Rob Halford’s more than competent vocals, this track brings it all home with an amazing last quarter.

Week 40: Danzig – Mother

This week’s track is one of the most iconic heavy metal tracks from the late 80s. The simple but highly effective instrumentation does a lot to highlight the amazing vocal performance by Glenn Danzig. This is one of those tracks I listen to when I need an energy boost.

Week 25: Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator

Before booming bass drums, fast break beast or sick drops there was Kraftwerk. Few groups have had as big influence on a genre of music as they have, and they are still somewhat active. This track, apart from being released in one of the best years ever, has all the components that make Kraftwerk’s music fantastic.

Week 19: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

As most people who are into music probably know, there’s a new Michael Jackson album being released. I thought I’d celebrate the musical genius that is Mr. Jackson by having what I think is easily his best work as the track of the week. Smooth Criminal is easily one of the best pop songs ever recorded, and the energy of it always gets me in a good mood.