Week 47: Fluke – Atom Bomb

So, I guess there’s no use for me to deny I like mid-90s techno a lot? I had no plans on including this track, or Fluke at all to be honest, as a track of the week, but for some reason I happened to listen to it and that made me remember just how great it is. There’s still great electronic music being produced, but nothing quite like this.

Week 38: Green Day – Hitchin’ A Ride

I think most people who were teenagers in the mid to late 90s have some sort of relationship with Green Day’s music. As someone who have always enjoyed music, I certainly have┬álistened to my fair share of them over the years. Their 1997 album Nimrod remains one of my favorite albums of theirs, and there’s something special with this particular track. The trashy guitars and┬ávocals together with a few fun oddities makes it stand out.