Week 43: Reel Big Fish – Take on Me (Skacoustic)

Is it only me, or was it ages ago since a cover made it as track of the week? Well, either way that’s exactly what today’s track is. And it’s not just acoustic, it’s skacoustic! This great up-tempo track was included on the 2011 Reel Big Fish album titled just that and is a real treat. With vocals that are good enough, some nice brass and really good guitar playing I just can’t withstand the charm of this track.

Week 32: Ugly Kid Joe – Cats In The Cradle

It’s been a while since a cover was track of the week, so what better track than this as the next example of why covers can be fantastic? Ugly Kid Joe’s version of this classic is not only great, but I have a lot of early teen memories attached to it. I remember thinking it was super cool, and even though I’m so, so much older now I still think it’s pretty awesome.

Week 13: Richard Cheese – Somebody Told Me

I have a certain place in my heart for great covers. I’m always happy to hear a new version of a track, doesn’t matter if it’s better or worse. However, when I hear a cover of something that I like and the new version is of equal or better quality, then I’m filled with joy. Richard Cheese’s version of The Killers’ Somebody Told Me falls in the group of covers that take a song to completely new levels, and as such, I decided it was worth a mention.