Week 36: ZZ Top – Precious And Grace

The masters of hard rock blues released this classic back in 1973. Maybe not the most well known track by ZZ Top or even from their excellent Tres Hombres album, but one of my favorites. The guitars are very dark and the main riff is super catchy. About a minute and fifteen seconds in the track really opens up which fits the lyrics of the track perfectly. An example of really imaginative song writing.

Week 34: East Village Opera Company – La Donna È Mobile Redux

While technically covers, I wouldn’t call what East Village Opera Company produce that. Their tracks are highly accomplished compositions, and such a departure from the original work that you’d need another type of description for them. This track is one of their absolute best, and an improved version of one of the tracks from their debut album. It’s energetic, rhythmic and simply put just a great track.

Week 32: Ugly Kid Joe – Cats In The Cradle

It’s been a while since a cover was track of the week, so what better track than this as the next example of why covers can be fantastic? Ugly Kid Joe’s version of this classic is not only great, but I have a lot of early teen memories attached to it. I remember thinking it was super cool, and even though I’m so, so much older now I still think it’s pretty awesome.

Week 29: William Shatner – Has Been

Most people know the artist behind this week track as the original Captain Kirk, but William Shatner has also released three full length albums. This track, which is the titular track from his second album, is a rebuttal to everyone calling Mr. Shatner a has been. It features a great western theme written by Ben Folds accompanied by fun and interesting spoken lyrics.

Week 28: The White Stripes – My Doorbell

I’m not exactly sure when I heard The White Stripes the first time, but I’d guess it was sometime after their 2003 album Elephant. One thing I know for certain, though, is that when I heard this track I knew without a doubt that I’d keep listening to whatever else they decided to put out. This track is simplistic, smart and they will be missed.

Week 24: Foo Fighters – Let It Die

This is one of those tracks I listen to when I need to get some aggression out of my system. It starts calm with some nice acoustic guitar and ends in total chaos with very heavy electric guitars and screaming vocals. The transition is handled extremely well, and if I’m in a bad mood it usually helps to listen to this track a few times to make me feel better.

Week 21: Queen – Tie Your Mother Down

I’ve listened to countless hours of Queen, and picking a track to include as the track of the week wasn’t as easy as one might think. When it came down to it, I picked this particular track because I think it’s a great representation of their style and song writing.

I still consider the riff that comes in after the minute long intro to be one of the best ever recorded.